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Fort Pokaran


Pokaran, Rajasthan, India 345021.

Telphone: 02994-222274.

Fax: 02994-222878.


Star Rating: Three Star

Hotel Class: Deluxe

Hotel Chain: Independent Hotels

Getting There:

Airport: Jodhpur - 110 kms

Railway Station: Pokran - 2 kms

Bus Depot: Pokran - 2 kms

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Property Profile

The 14th century Fort citadel of the Champawat Rathores, stands sentinet at the western frontier of the erstwhile state of Jodhpur, in the heart of the great sandy plains, on an ancient trade route that carried salt, silks and species to Persia. Enroute to Jaisalmer from both Bikaner and Jodhpur the Fort of Pokaran makes an ideal break and now offers the same hospitality and shelter that history records was once offered to the fugitive Humayun (16th century).

Fort Pokaran; the 14th century citadel also known as “Balagarh” stands as a paragon amidst the Thar Desert. This monument is the premier fort of The Chief of  Mighty Champawats (the clan of Rathores) has to its erstwhile aristocratic title attached the prestigious honour ‘Pradhan’ ( The Premier Noble )  to recognize every Thakur of Pokaran as of the first honour in The Darbar (the court) of the state Marwar- Jodhpur. 

Surrounded with rocky, sandy and five salt ranges, POKARAN means “the place of five mirages”.Fort Pokaran stands on ancient trade route that carried salt, silk and spices to Persia and beyond. Instead of winding caravans of the past, it now has trains, buses and cars. The fort now attracts travellers to stay betwixt the glorious history where each stone speaks out volumes of the past. 

It is en route both from Jodhpur to Jaislamer and Bikaner to Jaislamer. It indeed makes an ideal break and offers extended traditional hospitality, which was once offered to Humayun; the Mughal Emperor in the 16th century and later to his great grandson Akbar `II; son of the last Mughal Emperor; Aurangzeb. 

Thakur Nagendra Singh Pokaran and his wife Thakurani Yashwant Kumari PokaranThe present Thakur Nagendra Singh Pokaran and his wife Thakurani Yashwant Kumari Pokaran have opened the imperial gates of the stately fort to proffer the traveller a feel of royalty. The well restored building hands out a view of the ornamentally carved, red sandstone Mahals, the traditional Jharokas and the grand turrets, parapets depicting Rajput and Mughal architecture. The impressive hall;”Mangal Mahal” with four octangular Jharokas protruding out is where our guests are served with traditional aromatic cuisines by the family Chef. 

There is an in-house “Museum” of the family collection of armoury, garments, miniature paintings, handicrafts and the local artistry. A feather in the cap of the Fort is “The Grand Library” consisting of classic books dedicated to the great Rao Bhadur Rajshree Thakur Chain Singhji Pokaran. He being the most learned Rajput noble of those times, holds a prestigious place in the book known as "Who’s Who Of India 1946-47 edition pg.1428-29.

Property Attractions / Events

Today instead of the winding caravans of yore, trains, buses and cards bring tired travelers eager to soak in the glories of 'Rajputana' to Pokaran, from all corners of world.

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Check In: 12:00 Noon

Amenities / Services


Shringar Chowk: A Garden Restaurant that serves traditional desert cuisine, offers a warm and serene ambience.

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